Register a new device

The device registration process is a pre-requisite to uploading data since the device ID provided in the device registration will be the same device ID used to store the data in the vehicle. This unique ID is how we attribute the vehicle configuration to the data that has been collected.

Define a Device ID and Vehicle Name


Define whether the vehicle is internal to your company or sourced from RoadMentor's fleet. Additionally define the make, model and year of the vehicle. (this information is useful to understand the vehicle dynamics and the dimensionality of the vehicle)


Select the realms which the vehicle belongs to. Hint: you can select multiple realms.


Define if the vehicle is actively being used or inactive.


Define if the vehicle's endpoint for remotely logging in and the role of the vehicle.


Add the sensors to the vehicle relative to the origin of the vehicle frame


Add more sensors or save the configuration.


Here are some examples of Sensor configuration:

In the example below, the Vehicle had multiple cameras, so the camera name has been added as a position name.
Position of camera (x,y,z) - (0,0.1,0)
Rotation (Roll, Pitch, Yaw) - (0,0,0)
Other sensor settings: Frame and driver details


In the same way, other sensors also need to be added.